When Is The Right Time To Start Using A Crib?

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when is the right time to start using a crib

Are you wondering about moving your precious bundle to their own crib? Whether you’ve chosen to use a bassinet, a co-sleeper or have allowed your little one to sleep in your bed, at some point you may wonder if it’s time to make use of the crib.

Maybe you’re ready for some more space in your bed or you’re wondering if your little one might be able to roll over and out of the bassinet. Whatever the case, follow this helpful advice to determine if it’s time to transition baby to crib and then learn how to do it.

How to Determine the Right Time to Start Using a Crib

While some decide to transition to the crib because the baby has reached a certain age, there are some other factors that can help you determine if it’s time.

Tight Fit

If you have a bassinet or co-sleeping bed for your baby, check the weight limits. If your baby is getting close to the weight limits, it may be time to start using the crib. You’ll also notice if your baby starts to fit a bit snuggly in the bassinet or co-sleeper.

Developmental Milestones

Some babies roll over and move around quickly. Others take their time to become more mobile. As soon as your baby starts rolling over or can sit up on their own, it’s a good idea to move them into the more spacious crib. This way, your baby can roll over without suffering the risk of rolling out of the bassinet or off your bed.

Climbing and crawling are other big signs. If you decide to wait until your child is a bit older and they’ve begun climbing and crawling, the decision to transition baby to crib becomes more important. Even a co-sleeping situation can be dangerous for a baby that crawls or climbs because your baby may find their way to the edge of the bed.

Your Baby Can Fall Asleep on Own

Another great sign that you may be ready to try the crib is that your baby can fall asleep on their own. This means that you may rock your baby or comfort them until they are quite drowsy, and then you are able to lay them down and they fall asleep on their own. This ability to fall asleep on their own will assist you greatly as you begin using the crib.

You Are Ready

Parent’s needs are important too! If you’re tired of bed-sharing or using a co-sleeper, then that can be a good enough reason to start using a crib. A good night’s sleep is vital for both parents and the baby to feel good. So, if your sleeping arrangement isn’t working for you and you’re ready for your baby to sleep in a more independent space, then get ready to use the crib.

Crib Training Techniques

when is the right time to start using a crib

Some babies easily transfer to the crib. It seems they wouldn’t need any help at all! But others have a more difficult time making the move to the crib. Use some of the techniques below to help your baby transition more easily to this new sleeping arrangement.

Make it Their Crib

While you know that the crib you’ve bought for your baby is for them, they are still too young to know it’s their crib. You can do a few things to help it seem more homey. Consider sleeping with your baby’s crib sheet for a few nights so that it has your scent on it when it comes time for the to settle into sleeping in the crib. You may also have your child sleep on their crib sheet so that it has his or her scent on it.

Getting Comfortable in the Space

When it comes to transitioning to a crib, it often comes along with moving to their very own room. This can be a big change for a baby. They go from begin very close to their primary source of comfort to being quite a bit farther away.

You can do a few things to help make sure that the transition is easier. First, make sure you spend some awake time together in the new room. Read books and play in their room. Keep their favorite toys and books in their room so that your child feels like it’s a happy place.

Another helpful tip can be to room in with your baby for a few nights. Whether you set up an air mattress, cot, or move your actual bed into your baby’s room, your closeness will help them become comfortable in this new space. Put your baby in the crib for bed time and you also sleep in their room. Do this for a few nights until your baby becomes more comfortable.

Do it in Steps

You don’t have to go cold turkey. Try using the crib for naps for a week or two, and then begin using it for night-time as well.

Use a Routine

If you haven’t been using a bed-time routine yet, it’s a great time to start one. Choose two or three activities that will signal to your child that it’s bedtime. A bath, brushing teeth and a story are great options to include in your routine. Before you introduce the crib, begin using your routine. Once your child is used to the routine, you can use it to ensure that your child is ready to sleep before laying them down in the crib.

Be Patient

It may take a few weeks for your child to become accustomed to sleeping in the crib. Don’t expect your child to do it in a snap. With some gentle encouragement, consistency and using the techniques above, you’ll get your baby sleeping in the crib.

Bottom Line

when is the right time to start using a crib

Trust your parental instincts when deciding when to move your baby to the crib. Then, pick some crib training techniques that you feel most comfortable with and prepare to move your baby to the crib. Moving your baby to a crib is a big change that can be great for the whole family’s sleep. We wish you luck on your journey.

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