The Coolest Paper Plate Crafts To Try With Your Kids


The best crafts for kids are fun, creative, relatively easy and cheap. Paper plate crafts tick all the boxes! We tried them with our kids and they loved them. We gathered the best ones we have found on the internet in this post. We will definitely get back to crafts with paper plates, hopefully you too can find inspiration in our post!

Another great thing about crafts with paper plates is that these projects don't require much equipment.Chances are you already have everything you need in your house. So what exactly will you need? Well, the supplies may vary from one project to another but for the most basic one you will definitely need:

    • coloured paper
    • paper glue
    • paper plates
    • paint
    • curious todler

Time to get crafty! As you will see the possibilities are endless!

Our list of inspirations of easy paper plate crafts for kids:

Paper plate goldfish 


Do you know little marine life enthusiast? Entertain them with this cute goldfish project. It's really easy, takes no time to put together and painted gold looks very glamours and attractive! Great idea for a theme party

Lady bug


Lady bugs are cute. It's a fact. Even though they are insects. Maybe it's about the red background and adorable black dots. If you agree with us than you and your little one will love this lady bug project! You can whip it out in seconds, and you don't need anything fancy!



Looking for a super quick and easy craft to keep your child occupied? This short tutorial might be exactly what you need.Check out Michelle's blog for a fun inspiration. This is the simplest project we have seen, all you need is a paper plate, scissors and a marker.

Spin Art With Salad Spinner​


Awake your child's inner artist with this DIY project! It's a bit different than the other once we have listed but still really easy to make. Simply place a paper plate inside of a salad spinner, squeeze out some paint and spin! If you want to go fancy add some glitter. You will create mesmerising designs, your kids will absolutely love it!

Paper Plate Frisbees


Another different take on a paper plate craft. Did you know how easy it is to turn a couple of paper plates into a frisbee? Take a look at the tutorial from Make And Takes! You probably already have all the supplies at home to create it! We really liked this craft because it a great alternative to a normal plastic frisbee. It fits perfectly in the little hands and if your kids like playing at home it's also reasonably safe

Golden Snitch:

Have you and your children read all the Harry Potter series? We did and we love them! We got really excited when we found this unusual craft idea for the golden snitch from Harry Potter. Take a look at the easy to follow video tutorial from Flintobox!

Bottom line:


We hope that you have found your inspiration in your list. Crafting with children is a lot of fun and it doesn't have to be complicated and expensive. Kids love being involved in fun activities and remember, the most important part is the quality time spent together not the final outcome. Keep in mind though to choose crafts that are appropriate for the age. Smaller kids will need easier projects in order to avoid confusion and frustration, after all paper plate crafts for toddlers have to be fun!

Hungry for more ideas? Find out how to make a dreamcatcher for kids!

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