We Listed Our Favourite DIY Bloggers of 2016

best diy bloggers

If you’re just like us, then you know that making DIY projects can be really addictive. You might feel like you’re always running out of ideas. You might even be confused with thousands of DIY blogs available, not sure where to find the best projects, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our best of the best DIY bloggers of 2016!

1. I Spy DIY

I Spy DIY is one of the most famous DIY blogs on the net, and for good reason. Jenni’s I Spy DIY blog has been featured on InStyle, and even TV shows such as Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, and the Today Show!

You should follow I Spy DIY for the latest DIY trends and inspirations!

2. Creative Green Living

If you’re looking for DIY projects that would encourage you to make healthier choices, follow Creative Green Living. You can find a ton of green DIY projects, recipes, health hacks, and even gardening advice on Creative Green Living!

3. Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

Creating Really Awesome Fun Things (C.R.A.F.T.) is great for beginners to advanced DIY-ers. C.R.A.F.T. also has a section for DIY projects you can do in just an hour - perfect for those who want to be quick with their crafts!

4. The House That Lars Built

Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built is not your average DIY blogger. She has a masters degree on interior design and has done projects for Tiffany & Co., so you bet she knows what she’s talking about! You can even get your work published on her blog!

5. Natalme

Natalme has been featured on the Nate Berkus show, and a variety of magazines. This DIY blog has a wide scope of projects perfect for jack-of-all-trades: kids’ crafts, party, photography, travel, and even tech - Natalme’s got them!

6. SillyPearl

The Silly Pearl is all about mixing crafts and family. Stephanie Chan, Silly Pearl’s blogger and owner, regularly posts DIY tutorials, recipes, and crafts that you can enjoy doing with your family!

7. You Are My Fave

You Are My Fave has loads of DIY tutorials, but its main strength lies on its party-related DIY crafts. For DIY projects on birthdays, anniversaries, holiday events, and everything else in between, head on over to You Are My Fave!

8. Life is a Party

True to its name, Life is a Party is perfect for DIY-ers who are looking for crafts they can make for parties, children’s and adult parties alike! You can also find recipes, gardening tips, and other DIY projects in this blog.

9. Small for Big

Small for Big prides itself as a blog that posts playful, modern, inspirational, and affordable DIY crafts. If you’re on a tight budget but you still want to make awesome crafts, go check out Small for Big!

10. DIY Inspired

If you’re environment-friendly, and you’re all for repurposing and recycling materials, then DIY Inspired is the DIY blog for you! DIY Inspired’s repurposed crafts have been featured on several magazines, including Real Simple.

diy kids

11. Swoon Worthy

Swoon Worthy is perfect for those looking to add some gold and glam to their homes, but without having to spend so much for these DIY upgrades and crafts. For inspirations on “eclectic boho glam,” check out Swoon Worthy!

12. Almost Makes Perfect

Simple, clean, and sleek will always be in style. If you’re looking for that type DIY projects, you should visit Almost Makes Perfect for some of the best minimalist crafts!

13. Apartment Apothecary

For those of you who want to upgrade their flats but still stick to their budget, Apartment Apothecary’s Katy Orme is the DIY blogger for you. Katy lists DIY improvements for bedrooms, nurseries, and every room you have in your flat!

14. Made Everyday

Dana of Made Everyday offers hundreds of DIY sewing projects! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or advanced sewist, as Made Everyday has projects for all types of users.

made every day

15. Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons is a DIY sewing blog made by former Great British Sewing Bee contestant, Tilly Walnes.

What we love about Tilly and the Buttons is that it’s perfect for the beginning sewist: it has a special section dedicated for learning how to sew!

16. Diary of a Chain Stitcher

If you’re an intermediate to advanced sewist, and you want to start making clothes, head on over to Diary of a Chain Stitcher! Fiona (owner of Diary of a Chain Stitcher) regularly posts clothing projects she made, perfect for those looking for design inspirations!

diary of a chain stitcher

17. Flossie Teacakes

Are you obsessed with quilting and intricate designs and patterns? Florence of Flossie Teacakes regularly shares quilting projects that you can do by yourself – ranging from blankets and make-up bags and even to quilted coasters!

18. Under a Creative Spell

Asia, owner and blogger of Under a Creative Spell, is a major fan of upcycling. So if you want to make cards, scrapbooks, and other DIY crafts made of used materials, check out Under a Creative Spell!


19. Sum of their Stories

Sum of their Stories is another DIY blog great for those who are looking for variety. You can find a wide selection of projects on Sum of their Stories, such as knitting, crochet, sewing, papercraft, and jewellery projects – and a whole lot more!

20. The Idea Room

The Idea Room markets itself for stay-at-home moms, but it’s also great for almost anyone who loves DIY projects! The Idea Room has tutorials for crafts, sewing, home remodeling, and recipes. The Idea Room also features several tips and tricks for organization, parenting, and photography!

21. DIY Showoff

DIY Showoff has been featured on several websites, including Oprah.com, and it’s no wonder why with the blog’s great DIY projects for your home. So if you want to remodel your home and add a more personal touch to it, head on over to DIY Showoff!

22. Today’s Creative Life

Today’s Creative Life has been consistently featured in different top DIY blog lists, and for good reason. Today’s Creative Life offers a wide selection of easy and fun to make DIY projects, perfect for beginning DIY-ers. The blog has projects under beauty, home, gifts, holidays, parties, and sewing – and more!


23. Merriment Design

Featured on Rachael Ray, HGTV, and The Huffington Post (among many others!), Merriment Design has a variety of projects that are simple, useful, clever, and special.

What we like most about Merriment Design is that its DIY projects are categorized by occasion and by project type, making it easy for DIY-ers to look for their next project!

24. Hands Occupied

If you’re looking for new knitting projects to try, Hands Occupied is one great DIY blog to go to! Hands Occupied has more than 300 how-to DIY and inspirational posts for knitting and crocheting. If you’re a knitting newbie, don’t be intimidated. Hands Occupied also has a handy guide you can use!

25. The Stripe

The Stripe is one of the most popular DIY blogs on the net, featured on People, InStyle, and Glamour, among others.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced DIY-er, you can discover DIY projects on The Stripe! You can find DIY projects according to project type (accessories, clothing, beauty, etc.) and difficulty level.

diy sandals

26. Jaderbomb

Since 2010, Jade of Jaderbomb has been sharing loads of DIY projects, including projects for kids, pets, holidays, home décor, outdoors, and parties. You can even find a special section dedicated for DIY projects using glitter, perfect for those who want to add some shine to their crafts!

27. Burlap+Blue

Burlap+Blue is one of the best DIY blogs for those who want to add seasonal décor and designs to their homes. They also offer free printables that you can use for all your other DIY projects!


28. A Pumpkin and A Princess

A Pumpkin and A Princess is another great versatile DIY blog, featuring recipes, crafts, free printables, gift ideas, and home décor and design inspirations.

Our favorite feature of the A Pumpkin and A Princess blog is its project index, where you can easily find DIY projects sorted according to season or type!

29. Craft-o-Maniac

Featured on Good Housekeeping, SheKnows, and PopSugar Moms, Craft-o-Maniac definitely lives up to its name. Craft-o-Maniac has hundreds and hundreds of DIY crafts, recipes, and free printables you can choose from!

You can also find many different DIY crafts and projects for specific holidays and seasons on Craft-o-Maniac!

30. Live Laugh Rowe

If like us, you believe in celebrating “life, creativity and food,” then Live Laugh Rowe is the perfect DIY blog for you. Kelly of Live Laugh Rowe shares rustic DIY crafts, great for those who want to add vintage and wooden accents to their home.

31. Rain on a Tin Roof

Feeling freaky and proud? Go on over to one of our favorite DIY blogs, Rain on a Tin Roof!

Rain on a Tin Roof wants you to ‘own’ your personality and be proud of your inner freak – and you can make that shine through various DIY projects. Rain on a Tin Roof has DIY projects on cleaning, crafts, home décor, and more!

32. Bliss At Home

If you're looking for a reliable DIY blog about home decors and interior design, you should definitely check out Bliss At Home! Bliss At Home has been featured on different magazines and websites, such as Elle Decor, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, and so much more.

Whenever you're looking to renovate or change your interiors up according to season, you’ll find tons of inspiration on Bliss At Home!

33. A Little Tipsy

Are you looking for more variety in DIY projects? A Little Tipsy has got you covered! This blog comes with hundreds and hundreds of creative tips and tricks for all types of DIY-ers - from beginners to more advanced users!

What we also love about A Little Tipsy is that you can easily navigate the site with their scroll-down category menu (which includes one for DIY projects under $5.00). So for random and creative projects, head on over to A Little Tipsy!

33. Dream Green DIY

Founded in 2011, Dream Green DIY is one of the best blogs for mid-century design inspiration. If you’re looking for a DIY blog with great photos, sleek and clean design and interface, and of course, quality DIY content and projects, try going to Dream Green DIY! You’ll find DIY projects, home decor tips and inspirations, and even lifestyle advice!

34. Damask Love

Damask Love is one of our favorite DIY blogs for beginners. Dr. Amber, the woman behind Damask Love, saw that a lot of DIY tutorials on the net can be intimidating, which is why she created Damask Love for newbies who want to try out DIY projects.

Pro-tip: Click the 'easy' category for Damask Love’s beginner DIY projects!

35. The Design Confidential

The Design Confidential is one of the most famous DIY blogs on the net today, and for good reason. It’s a very easy website to navigate, as it separates building projects, DIY crafts, features, inspiration, and home decor. The Design Confidential is also home to a friendly community of users willing to help you out on your DIY journey - so go ahead and sign up!

36. With Heart

With Heart is a DIY blog by former anchor and news reporter Jennifer Stagg - and we couldn’t be more thankful she created With Heart! What we love about With Heart is that it has tons of video DIY tutorials, aside from the print tutorials Jennifer also posts regularly. So if you want easy-to-follow DIY videos and tutorials - especially if you want mid-century inspirations, visit With Heart!

37. A Nest for All Seasons

A Nest for All Seasons is a blog by Amy Renea, author of Crafting with Nature. A Nest for All Seasons is one of our favorite DIY gardening blogs! Amy lists down tips and projects to make your home more nature-loving and welcoming. Aside from gardening how-to’s, you can also find many DIY projects and kitchen tips on A Nest for All Seasons!


38. Dollar Store Mom

Are you looking for more creative DIY crafts and projects you can make for and with your kids - and on a budget? Dollar Store Mom might just be the perfect blog for you! This blog proves that you can do lots of fun activities and projects with your kids without having to spend a lot. The crafts on Dollar Store Mom don’t look cheap - but you’ll be surprised at how much you can save with Dollar Store Mom’s projects!

39. Carolyn's Homework

Carolyn’s Homework is one great DIY blog containing tons of resources - from yummy recipes, styling tips, to DIY projects - you name it! But what we especially love about Carolyn’s Homework is her “Copy Room,” where you can readily find printables for last-minute needs! If you’re also into doing upcycling and recycling, Carolyn’s Homework is a good resource for ideas and inspirations.

40. Saved by Love Creations

Saved by Love Creations is a DIY blog that specializes on DIY jewelry, woodworking, home decor, and other DIY inspirations. If you’re looking for a specific DIY topic in mind, you can easily search for it on the site’s sidebar, where categories are listed down. Wanna know our favorite part of Saved by Love Creations? Click the 50+ Roundups on the site’s top bar, where you can find round-ups and lists of DIY projects (for example, 100 mason jar projects, father’s day gifts, and more!). With those round-ups, you can definitely have fun going through hundreds of categorized DIY projects!

41. Serenity Now

Serenity Now was built on the idea of “staying sane” and letting off steam through DIY projects, which is why we recommend this blog for those who want to take a break from work, and just express yourself through DIY! Serenity Now lists down ‘realistic projects,’ which are both easy to make and are affordable. Our friendly tip? Go to Serenity Now’s Home Decor on a Dime page for easy and cheap home upgrades!

42. The Zen of Making

Looking for some quirky DIY crafts and sewing projects? Head on over to The Zen of Making blog! The Zen of Making has crocheting, knitting, and simple sewing projects for all your decorative and home needs. You can even save more money by using The Zen of Making’s DIY gifts and clothes that you can make for your loved ones - or for your own!

43. White House Black Shutters

Ann Marie of White House Black Shutters started this blog in 2009, where she regularly posts tips and tricks to make our houses and lives a little bit less complex. White House Black Shutters has many kid-friendly DIY crafts and projects, and home decorations. We also love how relatable Ann Marie is, as she also constantly shares her journey in motherhood!

44. The Domestic Diva

The Domestic Diva is one of the best blogs out there for moms who know they can be fabulous on a budget! Aside from The Domestic Diva’s DIY projects and creative tips, we also love the blog’s make-up and beauty tutorials!


45. Chic-steals

Looking chic and trendy may seem expensive, but Chic-steals might just prove you wrong. Chic-steals is one of our favorite DIY and fashion blogs - and it’s perfect for those who want to be trendy while on a budget! Chic-steals has styling tips, guides to affordable shopping, and of course, DIY crafts for fashion - to add some personal touch to your chic style!

46. Maker Mama

Being earth-friendly and creative has the image of being expensive to maintain. But the DIY blog Maker Mama can give you tips on how to be nature-loving, creative, and thrifty at the same time! Our pro-tip? Head on over to Maker Mama’s “thrifting" tab for DIY crafts that will save you money!

47. Swell Mayde

If you're looking for professional styling tips, head on over to Swell Mayde. Don’t be too intimidated, though! Swell Mayde actually has many practical fashion and wardrobe advice that are easy to follow. The blog also has some of our favorite DIY fashion projects (search for Swell Mayde’s DIY accessories - we love them!) and it also has features on home decor and food.

48. The DIY Playbook

The DIY Playbook is a blog founded by two best friends, Bridget and Casey. Aside from the blog’s creative and playful theme, we love the variety of crafts and tips that you can get from The DIY Playbook. Head on over to the blog’s “Play by Play” page, and you can find projects and advice for home decor, DIY crafts, traveling, parties, fashion, and even blogging!

49. Creative Kismet

Creative Kismet is one unique DIY blog, because aside from DIY projects, it also has some stunning works of art! Creative Kismet has guides on sewing projects, decorations, and of course, some inspiration for art. So if you want your DIY taken with art appreciation, visit Creative Kismet!

50. One Sheepish Girl

If just like us, you love crocheting, knitting, and sewing, you’ll also love the blog One Sheepish Girl. This very clean and organized DIY site has many sewing projects you can take on, from simple ornaments to actual clothes! What we love about One Sheepish Girl’s clothing projects is that they’re also very fashion-forward. So if you’re a fashionable gal who wants to get sewing and creative, head on over to One Sheepish Girl!

Got Inspired?

Now that you have all the resources and you know our favorite DIY bloggers of 2016, it’s time to get creative and crafty. Go ahead and visit the DIY blogs we mentioned, and find your next great DIY project!

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