How To Make A Dream Catcher For Kids? Our Inspirations For Fun Project

how to make a dream catcher for kids

We really like dream catchers, they can add this dreamy, bohemian flair to the interiors. Hanging in the window or above the bed they will look stunning. If you want to persuade your little ones to finally rest their head on the pillow, why wont you hypnotize them with the beautiful, old tale about the origins of dream catchers?

how to make a dream catcher

They originated with Native Americans, the Ojibave people. They believed in the ancient legend of spider women, known as Asibikaash, who took care of the people of Ojibave. Through the centuries, as the people migrated and spread all over North America, it became increasingly difficult for her to take care of the people. So the mothers and grandmothers would weave protective charms that looked like spider webs. They were made from strands of magical plants, tied into a web that was framed into a willow hoop. Ojibave people believed that this charm would protect them from nightmares and negative thoughts. They would place it above their beds and baby cradles, hoping to wake up free of bad dreams. It was supposed to let through only the good ones, while the bad would remain filtered on the net and disappear with the first sun-rays.

What Will You Need: Dream Catchers Supplies

· Red willow reed, grapevine, twig from an olive tree, or a metal or wooden hoop.

· Suede lacing.

· Waxed nylon string, embroidery thread, or faux sinew.

· Scissors.

· Beads or gemstones.

· Feathers.

So How To Make A Dream Catcher For Kids?

If I you are looking for some inspiration for a DIY dream catcher project to take on with your kids, take a look on our favourite tutorials below and have fun crafting with your little ones!

Style Novice

We love Style Novice’s dream catcher tutorial because it also features a video that would be easy to follow! This is great for you and your kids to watch together. Keryn of Style Novice also uses materials that you probably already have in your home!

Sophie’s World

Similar to Style Novice, Sophie of Sophie’s World also gives a video tutorial of how to make a simple dream catcher – with just six materials! She also has a step-by-step on how to make one, complete with pictures that would guide you and your kids.

Urban Moms’

how to make a dream catcher

If you have some extra yarn of different colors at home, check out Urban Moms’ dream catcher tutorial! You will definitely have fun with your kid using differently colored yarns for their dream catcher guide. You can even make your dream catcher a little bit fancier by attaching some feathers!



Do you and your kid enjoy some perfect symmetry? You’ll definitely love MollyMooCrafts’ dream catcher inspiration! She uses some twine and embroidery rings to make her dream catcher, which can give your kid’s room a more pleasant aesthetic!

Artbar Blog


If you love washi tapes as much as we do, then you’ll enjoy Artbar Blog’s DIY Dream Catcher tutorial! What we love about this tutorial is that the dream catchers Barbara of Artbar features were really made by kids – and they all look great! Your kids will find inspiration in other kids’ works with Artbar’s dream catcher guide.

Create Dream Catchers With Your Kids!

how to make a dream catcher

Dream Catchers symbolize protection: the Native Americans believe that putting these in their homes would prevent ‘negative dreams,’ or nightmares. Only good dreams will enter the dream catcher, making your sleep safe and sound.

With the dream catchers’ beautiful meaning and symbolism, it can convey your love for your children. You even might be spending too much time working – be it at your home or at the office. Spending some time with your kids to make these dream catchers would be precious for all of you! It’s the perfect opportunity to bond and “catch” great memories with them, which will hopefully give them good dreams. Happy crafting!

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