Can’t Choose The Best Umbrella Stroller For 2017? Read This Review!


Umbrella stroller can be really handy if you and your little one love these long, refreshing, rainy walks. Find out what are my top picks and choose one!

best umbrella stroller

After I struggled with a heavy full featured stroller when I had my first born, I just couldn't use it for my second born. I decided to get a lightweight umbrella stroller that I could quickly throw over my shoulder and toss in the trunk. At 30 my bones aren't getting any younger; I can't afford to be carrying around bulky strollers.

Best Umbrella Stroller: My Shopping Guide



Did you know that this stroller was ranked the best under $100 by Stroller Envy? With all the benefits it offers I am not surprised. This model can support a child up to 50 pounds which means an average 6-year old would fit perfectly.

It has a 5-point safety harness. As a mother, safety is key when it comes to my child. I am very happy about the lockable rear wheels and shockproof front wheels on this stroller. It is very sturdy; my little munchkin even climbs it up without tipping it over I was little surprised it didn't exceed the average weight limit at the airport when we were traveling to Miami last summer; that is how light it is! Its 12-pounds and 3-D carry strap make it easily portable. It is very compact too; it can easily be stored in the trunk and makes it perfect for travel even if it's a short trip to the grocery store.

It also comes with an adjustable and removable canopy with a flip out sun visor for extra protection from the elements. They didn't forget to add a reclining backrest and adjustable leg rest for improved comfort and if your little nugget wants to take a nap. The Storage offers sufficient space. From the look of it, you can tell it is high quality and highly durable. I have to admit I was also crazy about its classy black colored body with just a hint of color.

Any cons? The recline mechanism requires both hands and is not as easy to use. This is one of the few models with the fewest downsides and I really think it is a must-have umbrella stroller.

2. UPPAbaby G-LUXE


When I first researched about this stroller, I found out BabyGearLab named it their Editors'; Choice for best overall umbrella stroller. I rank it high too and here's why. This 13.4-pound stroller has tons of best overall umbrella stroller. I rank it high too and here's why.

This 13.4-pound stroller has tons of accessories to make your parenting life a ton easier. I enjoyed the SPF 5O sun shade the most. It also has a storage bin under the seat that is large enough to fit everything I need from baby wipes, baby bottles a storage bin under the seat that is large enough to fit everything I need from baby wipes, baby bottles to extra diapers. It even comes with a cup holder for me while we are on the go. The reclining seat was my daughter's favorite feature. She can get it flat enough (about 120⁰) to take a nap! An adjustable leg rest can shift up or down to offer you more comfortable strolling. I love that it is a simple one hand fold that auto-locks and self-stands instead of those models that require two hands. Who has time to put the baby down and use two hands when I can easily carry my baby with one hand and fold the stroller with the other? The Convenient shoulder strap comes in handy when you want to carry the stroller on your back when it is not in use.  

Did I mention how smooth this stroller is? It is very easy to push. Plus, its light aluminum frame offers durability. For a clean freak like me, the Stain and water resistant fabric were also a joy. The only problem I had with this model was that it was a bit on the heavier side. However, it is still a great investment.



The Chicco Liteway is a relatively affordable stroller that still offers great features. This stroller weighs only 17 pounds yet it can handle up to 40 lbs. What else does it have to offer? 

It has a removable storage bag under the seat and guess what? The basket turns into a tote bag. The model also has a cup holder for you. The nice sized sunshade with a tinted peek-a- boo window is perfect for my munchkin. With a reclining seat back and an adjustable leg rest (adjustable in two positions) my little one can get as comfortable as she possibly can. There is even a foot rest! Your baby gets five different reclining positions. My baby did love that!

 As always safety must be considered; it comes with a Padded 5-point harness. It has a quality fit and finish. Furthermore, the Comfortable padded ergonomic handles add a nice touch. It has a quality fit and finish. Furthermore, the Comfortable padded ergonomic handles add a nice touch to this lightweight stroller making it comfortable and easy to grip.

Any Cons? The stroller is a bit cumbersome, and it comes with a tiny storage bag.



The loveliest thing about this umbrella stroller must be the unique inline skate wheels with smooth rolling ball bearing that take its agility to the next level. I literally fell in love with them. My baby seemed to enjoy the hammock seat type the most.

You must know the seat is easily stretched over the quality plastic frame which provides not only high performance but also intentional flexing to enhance comfort. The Super lightweight is fantastic especially when I need to carry the stroller around. Its Hands-free shoulder carry strap makes carrying it a breeze. The fact that it folds compactly makes it easy to store in the trunk when on the move. You should know it works best on smooth surfaces and not rough terrains.

Any downside? It has no storage space, recline or cup holder which were a bummer, but the other great innovative features made me forget about these drawbacks. I did enjoy using this stroller; it might be the perfect one for you too.



The Maclaren Triumph is one of the lightest strollers weighing only 13 ounces. It can handle up to around 55 ounces. It has ergonomic anti-microbial handles that are comfortable while still proving a firm grip. I love the large sunshade with a peek-a- boo window although this sunshade might not be as big as the UPPAbaby's sunshades and other models.

However, I loved that they also give you a really cool rain cover and waterproof hood. It has a reclining feature too which I think is an essential for any stroller. Guess what? You can also easily fold it with one hand. This model has some unique features I didn't find anywhere else such as the dual-action buckle system. 

Any cons? The wheels are plastic and thus can't be used for all terrains.


best umbrella stroller

I do think all these strollers are great and they won't disappoint. However, if you are on a tight budget the Chicco Liteway stroller is what you need.If money is a non issue get the UPPAbaby stroller. The Quinny Yeez is the best choice among the five if you travel a lot although the Maclan Triumph is also good when it comes to travel.The Chicco Liteway is also the best for the car. You should know only the summer infant 3D-lite is suitable for your baby from birth. The rest are usually suitable from about 6 months. You now have all you need to buy the best umbrella stroller for you and your baby. Happy shopping!

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