Find Out Here What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Quilting Of 2017


If you love quilting as much as we do, you will agree that choosing the right equipment is essential. Find out what is our best sewing machine for quilting!

They say quilting is a dying art, but we beg to differ. Quilting is having quite a resurrection among beginners and advanced users of sewing machines alike. It is a special and unique skill that takes some time to learn, but the rewarding feeling you get after finishing a quilted piece of cloth is just great! Quilting is a bit like solving puzzle, it’s addictive and believe us, it can really, really suck you in. You can quilt blankets, pillowcases, clothes; the possibilities are endless!

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How do you find the best sewing machine for quilting that matches your preferences, though? Look no further. Below we list our five favorite quilting machines.

Shopping Guide: Quilting Machine Reviews

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

The Brother CS6000i constantly appears in various quilting sewing machine reviews. Wondering why? For one, buying this machine might just be one of the best deals you can make, ever! With its low price point and incredible features, it became a popular machine especially for beginners.

The CS6000i has 60 built-in stitches, with 7 designs of one-step buttonholes. It’s very easy to use with its automatic needle threader, bobbin winding, and LCD display! Quilters in particular would love the CS6000i’s oversized table, where you can accurately make quilting stitches with efficiency. Now, you don’t need to spend so much money just to start your quilting journey with the Brother CS6000i.

Brother XR9500PRW

Brother PC420PRW

The XR9500PRW, a sewing machine included in Brother’s Project Runway line, is another computerized machine that is highly recommended for beginner to intermediate users. It’s a bit more expensive than the CS6000i, as it has additional features that quilters would love.

The XR9500PRW comes with 100 pre-patterned stitches, and it also has a monogramming font available for you. It is also more suited for quilting than most regular sewing machines, due to its oversized table that also comes with a hard cover. It also comes with a ton of accessories, which includes a transparent open toe quilting foot!

Brother HC1850

Brother HC1850

The Brother HC1850 is an underrated sewing machine that can also be used for quilting. While not as popular as the CS6000i and the XR9500PRW, the HC1850 is actually has loads of features that would appeal to many hobbyists!

The HC1850 is equipped with 130 built-in stitches, 9 presser feet, and a monogramming font. This machine was made with quilters in mind, with special features such as a vast quilting table, free-motion quilting feature, spring action quilting foot, and more! This sewing machine is perfect for those who want something versatile, since you can also do embroidery on the very lightweight and portable HC1850.

Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter

Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter

Of course, Singer also offers some great competition to Brother sewing machines. One of their bestselling quilting machines is the Singer 7469Q, also known as “Confidence Quilter.” I recommend this sewing machine to beginner and intermediate quilters!

As its name states, the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter really puts quilting front and center. It has 98 built-in stitches, and its adjustable needle up/down add-on is something that quilters of all levels would love! It also comes with four quilting feet and a large table that you can extend for easier quilting. While it is pricier than some of its competitors, the 7469Q’s special quilting features more than make up for it!

Singer 9960


For those who are looking for more advanced features for quilting, look no further. The Singer 9960 is one of the best sewing machines for intermediate to advanced quilters who are serious in their craft!

The Singer 9960 comes with an impressive array of features, such ass 600 built-in stitches, 5 monogramming fonts, and 13 one-step buttonholes. Similar to the 7469Q, it also comes with a needle up/down feature for quilting. Quilters will almost never run out of options with the 9960, and you can use the attached extension table to facilitate your quilting. With its vast number of features, the Singer 9960 really offers one heck of a deal!

Quilting Made Easier

Quilting used to be one of those expensive hobbies that was way beyond the reach of many people. However, with the advent of these innovative and advanced sewing machines, almost anyone is free to engage in this productive and fun craft!

Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

You can probably find the best quilting machine for you in the items we listed, but before making the final choice, make sure that the machine fits your preferences and style. After taking all these factors into consideration, purchase your very own quilting machine. Get creative, and have loads of fun with quilting!

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