What Are The Best Dog Breeds For Kids?

best puppies for babies

If you feel you and your kids are ready for a new furry friend, it's very important to take some crucial factors into consideration. At the end you want your little family to go along well, don't you?

best dog breeds for babies

With this article we want to cover the most important things you have to think about before you make up your mind. So let's start from the beginning!

First of all if you are wondering if a duet between a dog and your baby can work out, we would like to assure you: yes, it can! However, it is a big step. Remember that the dog will be a member of your family for many years! Your decision must be responsible and really, really, really thought through! Every year irresponsible owners abandon thousands of pets because of the unwise decisions they made. The right dog will not only be your kids best friend, it will also teach them responsibility and encourage to spend more active time playing outside. The research has also proved that having a dog can improve your child's immune system and cognitive development!

What to take into account when choosing the breed?

best dog breeds for kids

First of all, you need to factor in the age of your child. Is it a new born? Toddler? It's absolutely vital to realise that some dog breeds will be better with younger, clumsy children than the others. Small kids are often not very well coordinated, they might step on your dog, or pull it's tail a little bit too hard. Your new dog must be patient enough too handle this. On the other hand, older kids are extremely energetic, so it's better to choose a dog that is more on the active side too and will be your kids companion.

Another thing to take into account is the lifestyle of your family. Are you active? Do you like spending time outside or is your perfect afternoon spent at home? How about your work? How much off your time do you spend outside the house? Are you an experienced dog owner or not? How difficult will it be for you to train your dog? You need to ask yourself all these questions and base your decision on these factors.

So, what are the best dog breed for babies?

Below we have listed breeds that are especially well known for the qualities that are important when buying a dog for your family


This medium dogs are really calm and friendly, they love children! They are not the most active ones, they need only minimum exercise. Like all dogs though they will require regular walks. This breed might be a good choice for newborns and small babies that don't move that much yet. Because of the short coat they don't require that much grooming, they also enjoy good health.


Energetic, curious and amusing Beagles are not the best dogs for inexperienced owners. Primarily used for rabbit hunting, these dogs love to exercise and play. Lovable breed which will make a great companion for an active family with toddlers and older children. If you and your kids love to play outside, go for long walks - this breed is for you! Their short coat is very easy in maintenance, they only need minimal grooming.


These gentle giants are devoted and have the patience of an angel! They adore little humans! Bearing in mind it's size a responsible Newfs owner should definitely go for a training with his dog companion. Ideal time for this, is when your pup is about 2 months old. This breed will require moderate exercise, and a lot of grooming due to maintain the plush, thick coat. This dog will be perfect for an active family with lots of space for the dog. Newfs will be equally good with young and older kids.

Golden Retriver:

This intelligent and friendly dogs are extremely active. They are a good choice for young families but only if you know you can keep up with the stamina of this breed! They will love to play with your little ones. Great thing about Goldens is the fact that they are easy to train which is really important with such an active dog. Definitely good dogs for slightly older kids due to their playful character. The coat will need regular brushing and it sheds seasonally.

Labrador Retriver:

Outgoing and lovable family dog. One of the most popular dog breeds amongst families and not without a reason! Labs are very friendly with people and also other dogs. They are very active, they love swimming and hunting. Great dog for active family,and energetic kids. This dog will need regular grooming and the coat sheds seasonally.

Soft Coated Wheat Terrier:

This happy and devoted pup will be your child's best buddy! This dog is moderately active. Being typical terriers they are very stubborn and intelligent, this means that they require training and are best for more experienced dog owners. They will be suitable or older and younger kids,they are playful and happy dogs. These dogs shed minimally but require regular brushing.


Beautiful, protective and alert breed. You can be sure they will be like a guardian angel for your little munchkin. They are also very brave but obedient at the same time. These dogs were primarily bred as hunting dogs so you can imagine that they require high levels of exercising and training is a must. They require minimal grooming due to their short coat.


Like all terriers, they are always up for a mischief! Very playful, loyal and happy breed. Excellent companion for an energetic and active child. Full of character might not be the easiest dog for a beginner. Typically for terriers they require a lot of exercising. This prevents boredom and unwanted behaviors. Attending a training is always a good idea for bully pup.Short coat is very easy to maintain.


Fun and active dogs, because of their patience they are famous for being great with kids.They love playing and being active. The are also very protective and loyal - great family dogs. They are fearless and might be a bit suspicious with strangers. But they are not difficult, once they trust the new person they will be loyal friends. They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Short coat requires minimal grooming.

The bottom line:

So there you have it! A comprehensive list of 10 best breeds for babies. We hope that you are ready to choose your new pup but if you're still hesitant, let us give you a little push with this adorable video! Who can resist this cuteness overload?!

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