About Us

Parenting is like riding a roller coaster, without a seat belt! A bumpy ride, filled with energy, surprises, life lessons, and apprehension at every step! From facing the physiological challenges of pregnancy, to taking responsibility for the life inside of you, every decision seems vital. Nurturing your new born, and introducing them to this big, crazy world becomes the source of endless curiosity. It's an exciting time, but also uncertain, and at times overwhelming. At Picky Basket, we make this journey a little easier. We support you in becoming a wise, conscious, responsible parent. Our team provides you with up to date health advice, inside information on the best baby products, and creative ideas to make the most of this special time with the newest addition to your family.

Meet The Team:


Claire: I’m a happy wife and mother of 2 amazing twins. I graduated in journalism, but becoming a mum has sparked my interest in child psychology and development. I’m a little obsessed with cool parenting gadgets, because they are fun and make life so much easier! In my free time (if I have any!), I relax doing yoga                                                               with my cat Carl.


Suzy: Becoming a mother really changed my life- and that's no understatement! After I became pregnant for the 3rd time, my husband and I realized that our careers as PR consultants with big city lifestyles was not exactly what we wanted. We moved to the countryside, where we home-school our 4 boys. We love spending time with them! I started this blog because it’s sometimes difficult to find like-minded people when living in more remote areas. I wanted to create a fun, friendly space for parents to share their experiences. Viola- Peaky Basket!


Kathy: I’m a qualified nutritionist, but what I’m truly passionate about is natural and herbal medicine. Of course I’m also passionate about my family (2 cute little girls and a husband). As parents we do our best to raise our kids consciously and have as much together-time as possible. That’s why I love all sorts of DIY projects and crafts- it’s a great way to keep the whole family involved and active (and away from the computer screens!).